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The Dark Side Of Being A K-Pop Star

Title: The Dark Side Of Being A K-Pop Star
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Things the K-Pop industry doesn't want you to know.
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THE DARK TRUTH Of Being A K-POP Star https://youtu.be/hCEzny5ZlVg

It looks like K-Pop stars are truly living the life. They have screaming fans and hit records. What else could they want? But there is a disturbing truth behind being in the Korean Pop industry. Here is the Dark Side of Being a K-Pop Star.

First, the bands may be making money, but they aren’t exactly living in the lap of luxury. Most bands tend to live together in what are called compounds or dormitories. For new bands, compounds can be extremely tiny and sparse. It’s not the living situation that you would expect your favorite star to be in, is it?

Second, they are encouraged to go on extreme diets. In this industry, thin is always better. You can find stories everywhere of K-Pop stars who only eat one meal a day or limit their calories to a measly 600 a day. One band was even rumored to just drink water for a week before they were introduced to the world.

Finally, when dieting isn’t enough, stars are persuaded into getting plastic surgery. The KPop industry is so obsessed with perfection that stars who want to make it big usually must turn to the knife. These procedures can range from a simple nose job to bone shaving.

Whether it be their love lives, the mental and physical abuse, or the intense restrictions, there is a lot that you don’t know about the lives of your favorite K-Pop stars. Stay tuned to The Dark Side of Being a K-Pop star to find out why one idol was forced to shave her head.

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